Sponsor the Freelance Forum

Do you supply products or services to any of these freelance creative professionals in Atlanta:

  • Art Directors / Graphic Designers?
  • Illustrators?
  • Internet / Multimedia Professionals?
  • Photographers / Videographers?
  • Writers / Editors?
  • Event Promoters?
  • Other Creative Professionals?

sponsor-thumbnailIf you answered yes to one or more these categories, your prospects may be our clients!  Being a sponsor for the Freelance Forum can be a cost-effective way for you to stand out from your competitors.

Many of our members have clients who need your products or services. Whether you provide printing, mailing lists, video post-production or other industry-related product/service, you’re serving the same market as we are — advertisers, marketers, and communicators in Atlanta’s business community.

The Freelance Forum is the region’s only organization for freelance creative professionals and we are loyal to our sponsors.

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