Carol Niemi


If your brand doesn’t stand out, someone else’s will. And to stand out, you first have to stand for something. That’s because people do business with companies they like and believe in. Why else would someone pay $300 for a pair of Nike basketball shoes when other brands sell for less?

As an Atlanta writer/creative director, I’ve worked with more than 50 brands – from start-ups to Fortune 500s – to help them figure out what they stand for and then communicate it through all their channels from websites, email marketing, brochures, print and broadcast advertising to speeches, new-business presentations and even phone messaging.

Do you know what your brand stands for? If you don’t, your competition might decide for you. That’s what Hertz did to Avis eons ago until Avis turned its #2 status into an advantage by promising: “We try harder.”

Whether you need a little help or a lot, if you want your brand to stand out, please talk to me. I’ll work within your budget, at your place or mine, and will do whatever it takes to get you the results you want. Meanwhile, I invite you to visit my website to see how I’ve helped other brands stand out: