2019 Annual Membership Renewal

Last year was a year of positive change at Freelance Forum. And this year, we’re expecting even more.

In 2018, we asked members past and present what Freelance Forum needed to improve, and then we set out making those improvements. We brought you informative speakers, interesting panel discussions, and even a convenient new meeting space.

We learned better networking skills, how to identify and target new clients, how to grow our businesses and much, much more. And we accomplished this while forming new friendships and strengthening our connections with other freelance professionals.

Don’t miss out on the year ahead. Renew your Forum membership NOW! 
Our organization will maintain our focus on creative professionals like you—people who seek to continually improve. And at annual dues of just $95, we believe that’s a bargain you won’t find in any other group.
So please, renew now. It takes only a few minutes. Just fill out the form below, click the “Renew” button and pay your dues securely online. It’ll be one of your best business moves for 2019!
    Non-Solicitation Policy: The Freelance Forum is an association of creative professional peers who gather for the purpose of exchanging ideas and supplying solutions to the problems inherent in running a Freelance business in the creative industry. Therefore, The Freelance Forum, by its very nature, is not a “leads generation” group. The Freelance Forum proudly welcomes all members of the creative community. We encourage active networking among our members and guests; however, we do not permit direct solicitation of business at our meetings. We consider this to be counter to the stated goals of the group and reserve the right to restrict actions that do not conform to this policy. We remain committed to ensuring that our members and guests enjoy an informative and unpressured experience with The Freelance Forum. Non-Discrimination Policy: No qualified person shall be denied membership on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, physical disability, or gender. The Freelance Forum reserves the right to decline membership to anyone whose goals, personal agenda, or behavior is contrary to our mission statement, professional guidelines and/or organizational by-laws
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