Freelance Art Directors

The case for hiring a freelance art director: a very common misconception regarding art directors in 2016 is that you don’t really need one – anybody can draft a clear, concise and consistent artistic strategy, right? Far from it, actually. When you are just starting your business, hiring freelance graphic designers might be enough, but as soon as you have multiple projects and strategies, you will need an art director.

From that point on, you have two options: hiring an in-house, full-time art director and potentially risking paying them even though they may not be busy 6 months per year, or looking for a freelance art director who can take care of your needs as soon as they appear. Finding this freelancer isn’t easy, as the position requires quite an interesting mix of skills – ranging from technical skills (Photoshop, Illustrator are some examples which come to mind), artistic skills to communication skills and the ability to develop a coherent strategy.

Being a good art director means being able to put each individual piece, like poster designs, social media posts, website styles or photography, into a big picture, then making this big picture work consistently time and time again. If you’re looking for a person who can do this for your business, look no further: Freelance Forum is the perfect place to find one.

Along our other categories of freelancers, we have quite a few art directors you can choose from.They are all trained professionals with years of experience and are ready and willing to take your business to the next level. Our freelance art directors are here to turn your vision into pragmatic measures and implement them over and over again.

We’re sure that whoever you pick from our list of freelancers, you won’t be disappointed. Hiring a freelance art director is no one-time thing – after he or she drafts your strategy and you start working together, you will collaborate time and time again. Let this be the beginning of a great working relationship between you and Freelance Forum.

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