Shelton_leadind_meetingCROPWorking for yourself is rewarding and has many advantages, but often we freelancers find ourselves isolated from without a collaborative network or outlet for support and learning. By joining Freelance Forum you will have access to both giving you opportunities that would be otherwise be available to you working as an independent contractor.

A membership in the Freelance Forum can offer you the following benefits:

Available Jobs and Projects

Freelance Forum offers you a way to let other members become familiar with your work which often results in collaborations on projects that may involve the need for several design disciplines such as photography, web design and writing for example. In addition to collaborating our members often refer work to one another as they get to know each other and feel comfortable referring one of their clients to you.

In addition, our website offers the opportunity for people in the community and online to find you and view your work. Given that you are a member of an organization they see as legitimate prospective clients will feel more comfortable hiring you for a job.

Network and Connect with Peers and Mentors

Working on your own can be somewhat isolating. Belonging to a group such as the Freelance Forum gives you a built-in network of other self-employed professionals in the various design fields who you can reach out to for advice and support and collaboration.

Continuing Education

Freelance Forum holds monthly seminars and workshops on topics that can extend your knowledge in the design world and on growing an maintaining a successful freelance business. We invite speakers from inside our membership as well as including subject matter experts from the community from time to time.

  • Individual Member
    On your own? Membership here is the best deal in town!
  • Partners/Couple
    Work full-time with your spouse or partner? Join together!
  • Student Member
    Learn from the pros at a student-friendly rate! (ID required)

Freelance Forum Yearly Membership Dues:

Membership in the Freelance Forum is based on the calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31), and dues are prorated to the calendar quarter you join. Those joining during the fourth quarter (Oct.-Dec.) pay the annual fee and receive full membership through the following calendar year. Thereafter, membership renewal is due on January 1 each year.


Please refer to the prorated payment chart for your amount due:
If you join
If you join
If you join
If you join
Individual: $95 $95 $70 $50 $95*
Partners/Couple: $160 $160 $120 $80 $160*
Full-time Student: $65 $65 $45 $30 $65*
Item #4 Description Tax: $6.00 $6.00
All Items Description Your Total: $20.00 $20.00

*Payment includes free membership for the fourth quarter and through the following calendar year.

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