Papaya Internet

Bobby Kircher

Bobby KircherBobby Kircher is the founder of Papaya Search, a search marketing consultancy focused on SEO, search advertising, and website analytics based in the Atlanta area.

Bobby started his work on the web in 1998 while a student at Florida State University working for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. After graduation, he moved to Atlanta where worked for MCI Worldcom as a Microsoft web developer for internal websites. In 2002, he started building websites for clients as a freelancer and learned the in-and-outs of search engine optimization.

After being let go from MCI in 2004, he started Papaya Internet which has helped freelancers and small businesses connect with customers on the web through SEO, Google Ads, and content marketing focusing on delivering positive ROI.

When not on the web, Bobby is a running, traveling, participating in the Atlanta tech community

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