Erick Beebe Illustrator

I’m a self-starter with over twenty years’ experience in collaborative multimedia design, desktop support, server maintenance, network security, and inventory management. I have no problem taking on projects that no one else wants to tackle. My work in inventory control and audio-visual design and support are two examples of this. I enjoy learning new things and have often gone beyond what’s expected in my pursuit of the project goal. My work with learning new software and working on a Masters degree are two examples of this. Within the past couple of years, I’ve begun pursuing a career in Concept Art with continuing coursework for that purpose.
• Proficient in audio-visual (AV) support and video and teleconferencing conferencing applications, video editing and streaming applications. Competent in video system design and maintenance.
• Proficient with various 2D and 3D graphics applications, video editing, and multiple hardware and operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Apple.
• Concept artist experienced in environmental concepts and industrial design.
• Network security for ATDC startup companies.
• Ideation with ATDC startup companies via the creation of a 3D printer lab used for prototyping.

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