I am a visual problem solver with a sense of humor. Clients typically use my work as a colorful drawing to advertise a product, visualize a concept or process for a presentation, or simply for visual relief in a text heavy article or brochure.

I specialize in a humorous style of illustration as well as imagining products or processes that do not yet exist or need to be improved upon. My work is primarily created digitally, but I break out the pencils, markers, and paints when needed, as well. I also do storyboards, whiteboards and ideations.

Reference Accounts:

Philips Arena, HOW Magazine, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Business-to-Business Magazine, HR Magazine, Grey Global, Coca-Cola, BASF, AAA Auto Club, IBM, Risk Management Magazine, The Georgia Aquarium, Zenith Design Group, Moxie Interactive, Sage Environmental Consultants, Integra Technologies, Charleston Magazine, WNC Magazine, Salvation Army, Chick-fil-A



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