Design and writing for websites, promotional email, brochures, direct mail, billboards, sales materials, TV & radio commercials, logos & tag lines, and more.

Design is important. Writing is important. But what truly motivates website visitors to respond are the smart, insightful marketing messages that your new website or other communications are built upon. The right buyer-focused message strategies make a genuine connection with the reader, because they approach buying issues from the buyer’s own point-of-view — not just the point-of-view of the company that’s doing the selling. Together, we’ll ask deeper questions so we can take a truly meaningful approach to marketing your products and services. In a competitive marketplace, that’s the only way to stand out.

Having taught website marketing, strategic copywriting and graphic design to other communications professionals, Tom can help you explore and identify marketing opportunities for the types of audiences that truly matter to you. By handling both the design and the writing for online and print marketing materials, as well as production, photography, printing and more, Tom makes the entire process easy, efficient and even a little bit fun.

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