The Courage to be Profitable

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At our February meeting (Thursday, February 6, 6:30- 8:30 pm), we will feature Ruth King (Business Ventures Corporation) author of The Courage to be Profitable. Ruth King is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years experience (via Business Ventures Corporation). She coaches, trains and helps businesses achieve the goals they want to achieve.

She also started and currently operates Ribbon, The Internet Broadcasting Network and its channels including and

She is especially proud of one company she helped climb out of a big hole. The company owner started with a negative $400,000 net worth 15 years ago and is still in business today…profitably and with a positive net worth!

Ruth started a branch of the Small Business Development Center in Decatur, launched the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center and taught a year-long course for women who wanted to start their own business. This course was the foundation for one of the classes at the Women’s Economic Development Authority here.

Ruth holds an MBA in finance from Georgia State University and is the author of three business books. She is a down-to-earth, thought-provoking TV host, author, coach and speaker who provides audiences with ideas that will inspire them and help them earn more profits!


It pays to get involved! If you have an idea for a topic or a particular speaker you would like to hear at one of our meetings, please let us know. And remember: if you want to step up, get involved and get more out of your experience at the Freelance Forum, send me an email (, and I will find a place for you. We can always use the help.

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